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1 December 25, 2017

Articles and Statements

1. Valery P. Kalinitchenko
Renewal of Energy and Life in the Biosphere

European Journal of Renewable Energy, 2017, 2(1): 3-28.
DOI: 10.13187/ejore.2017.1.3CrossRef

Energy renewal should be oriented not so much on a human who is the energy main consumer, but in the first turn on the Earth's geospheres. The properties of sources, fluxes and sinks of energy are considered in focus of energy consumer, and, simultaneously, in focus of an object to which the consumer belongs concerning creating a long-term priority human living conditions and providing buffer parameters for geospheres. The evolution of the biosphere and the pedosphere is considered, the significance of the use and renewal of hydrocarbon energy in the Earth’s biogeochemical cycle is shown. Demand for energy on Earth is considered in the focus of the current conflict "technology – consumption – ecosphere" as a result of an incorrect strategy of technological development within the framework of outdated industrial technological platform. To increase the application of renewal energy on Earth is possible due to optimization of the biogeochemical cycle, improving the quality of the biosphere, improving living conditions, motivating the use of energy. Biogeosystem Technique is proposed as a new scientific and technical platform for strategic development of the world and its technology, organically connected with the problem of production and use of renewal energy on Earth. Biogeosystem Technique instead of direct imitation of natural phenomena suggests the use of development opportunities that Nature leaves to man as a productive way to understand the Nature’s intent and use it for harmonious development, but not to resist Nature. Biogeosystem Technique provides: design of long-term resistant high-fertility soils by milling the layer of 20–45 cm, which increases biological productivity by 30-50 % for a period of up to 40 years; soil watering without the infiltration of water by a pulse injection through the slide syringe element directly into a discrete volume of soil of 2-3 cm diameter to a depth from 10 to 40 cm, that provides fresh water saving in comparison with standard irrigation methods from 3 to 20 times, soil conservation, a stable biogeochemical barrier "soil – root system"; recycling of industrial, domestic, agricultural, biological waste (including dangerous due to possibility to break the trophic distribution chains, including gasification waste) in the intra-soil milling and intra-soil watering for fertilizing and improving soil, avoiding food contamination. The way for expanding biosphere and increasing its product is opened up through expanding the biological and soil phase of the carbon biogeochemical cycle, enhancing ionization of air in photosynthesis and precipitating aerosols, obtaining additional food, raw materials, biofuels, and utilizing dangerous substances inside the soil, especially in the form of dust. Are achieved – soil health, environmental health, human health. The Biogeosystem Technique method will allow to store in biosphere the greater volume of matter, produce higher biological product, extract and use as much as possible renewable energy from biosphere, simultaneously increase the buffer properties of geospheres and stability of the Earth's climate system.

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2. Aleksandr F. Mitrofanov
Ecological Ferry "Texelstroom" with Hybrid Power Plant

European Journal of Renewable Energy, 2017, 2(1): 29-35.
DOI: 10.13187/ejore.2017.1.29CrossRef

The ferry "Texelstroom" was created for operation on the Frisian archipelago of the coast of the Netherlands, where the nature protection zone was created. In this regard, when designing and building a ferry, much attention is paid to its environmental friendliness. Therefore, the ferry is equipped with a hybrid power plant – diesel and electric motors, and as a fuel, gaseous fuel is used, which makes the ship unique. In addition, ship-based discharges into the water on a ferry are reduced to zero. All this makes the ferry "Texelstroom" a unique example of an ecological transport.

URL: http://ejournal51.com/journals_n/1516188894.pdf
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3. R.R. Sadrislamov
Optimization of Electricity Losses in Distribution Networks

European Journal of Renewable Energy, 2017, 2(1): 36-43.
DOI: 10.13187/ejore.2017.1.36CrossRef

This article explores the theoretical aspects of three-phase distribution networks in asymmetric modes, including the causes of the unbalance and its influence on the constituent elements of the network and the power losses in the networks. It is indicated that these indicators of power quality, like voltage unbalance and deviation of the stress cannot be considered separately. There would also be the simplest circuit simulation circuit of three-phase AC single-ended modes in OrCAD, and the impact of the neutral wire on the magnitude of phase voltage VC. Indicate the waveforms of currents and voltages in three-phase network with uneven loading of the phases. It will be shown that the asymmetry of the currents in the network takes place in the absence of the neutral wire and, if equipped.

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Letters to the Editorial Office

4. D. Tikhonov
Alternative Energy in Russia

European Journal of Renewable Energy, 2017, 2(1): 44-47.
DOI: 10.13187/ejore.2017.1.44CrossRef

The current situation of alternative energy of the Russian Federation is considered in the article. The causes of inhibition of renewable energy development are considered. The comparison is made with the most developed countries, as well as their influence on the state of the energy market in Russia. The main directions of further development of the power industry are proposed.

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